Spring Clean Up


For both residential and commercial properties, Spring Clean-up is an essential step toward having a beautiful lawn throughout the growing season. Be sure to add this option to your lawn care service contract. 

APS will clean up the lawn of all debris including leaves, branches, plastic, paper, etc.  As needed, we will de-thatch the lawn, raking up any dead grass. The lawn is cut, the walks are edged and the hard surfaces are blown clean ensuring your lawn has a clean, professional appearance to enhance your property’s curb appeal.

*Thatch is a mix of dead and living material that accumulates on the soil’s surface as a result of over-fertillzation, over-watering or soil compaction. While a small amount of thatch is desirable to moderate soil temperature fluctuations and cushion the soil’s surface, too much thatch interferes with water and air movement, reducing the effect of fertilizers and pesticides. 

For an additional cost, APS will also cultivate the beds and/or aerate the lawns.