Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilizers and weed control are key services to help maintain a beautiful lawn throughout the growing season.  Be sure to add one of our Fertilization & Weed Control Packages to your lawn care service contract. 

APS Fertilization & Weed Control Package Details

Early Spring Fertilization (Late March – Early April)
  • Fertilizer is added to promote early spring growth and thicken the lawn.
  • A pre-emergent seed killer is applied, preventing unwanted annual grasses and weeds from germinating.
Late Spring (Late April – Early May)
  • Time-released nitrogen is added to the lawn to improve color and density and prepare the lawn for summer stress.
  • Weed control is applied to kill broad leaf weeds that have begun to sprout.
Summer (Late May – Early June)
  • Liquid weed control is applied to control weeds such as clover, creeping charlie, violets and many more.
Summer (Late June)
  • Balanced granular time-release treatment of the lawn to maintain color and vigorous growth throughout the summer.
Late Summer (Late August)
  • Time-released nitrogen is added to thicken grass, promote root growth and repair the lawn after summer stress.
  • Second application of broad leaf weed control is included if needed.
Late Fall (Late October – Early November)
  • High nitrogen treatment with a nutrient supply is added to help the lawn through the harsh winter.
NOTE – The order of the applications of fertilizers and weed controls may change due to the condition of your lawn and the weather.